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King City Evacuation Center Moving to Daytime Hours

September 14, 2020

The evacuation center at the King City Library is scaling back hours to serve those impacted by wildfires. During recent evacuations, the center had been open for 24 hours. The center remains open to help but is moving to daytime hours, 8 am to 8 pm starting today, September 12th.

Residents in need of information, disaster application assistance or emergency housing are welcome at the center which is at the King City Library Branch, 402 Broadway in King City. County and Red Cross staff are on hand to help. If needs occur overnight while the center is closed, residents can call the library phone number, 831-385-367, and they will be directed to staff who can assist them. That number will be included in any emergency notifications, is on the County’s fire information page and will be posted on the library door for any evacuee who arrives and may not be aware of the change in center hours.

If you are in need of services during daytime hours but are not able to get to the center, you can call the library for assistance at 831-385-3677.