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Expanded Personal Services Business Sectors can Reopen June 19th

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June 17, 2020

On June 12th, Governor Gavin Newsom released COVID-19 Industry Guidance for Expanded Personal Services such as esthetician, skin care, cosmetology, electrology, nail salon, body art, tattoo parlor and piercing services. The Governor’s purpose is to provide guidance on how businesses can resume operations while supporting a safe, clean environment for workers. Variance counties such as Monterey County can open these sectors with approval by the County Health Officer after review of local COVID-19 indicators. 

Businesses must have in place appropriate processes to identify new cases of illness in workplaces and, when they are identified, to intervene quickly and work with Monterey County Public Health to halt the spread of the virus. Current County Health Officer orders require that businesses planning to resume operations June 19th must review, understand and implement sector specific guidance found at the California website. Tattoo and permanent make-up business must also follow Monterey County Environmental Health guidance.

As stay-at-home orders are modified, it is essential that businesses take all steps necessary to ensure the safety of workers and customers, which includes developing and implementing a COVID-19 prevention plan. Key business practices include physical distancing to the maximum extent possible, use of face coverings by employees and patrons, frequent handwashing and regular cleaning and disinfecting, and training employees on these and other elements of their COVID-19 prevention plan. 

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