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Butterfly Sanctuary Tour Aug 31, 2017

Monarch Butterfly Landing on Flower
August 15, 2017

The City of Pacific Grove has worked in partnership with Creekside Center for Earth Observation for the observation and consulting services for the Monarch Grove Sanctuary.  On a yearly basis, Dr. Stuart B. Weiss, has worked with City staff to identify management activities that need to occur in the Monarch Grove Sanctuary and also George Washington Park.  Dr. Weiss report highlights the recent history and current conditions, long term views, and recommendations. 


This year’s recommendations in summary for the Monarch Sanctuary are:

·        Remove the remaining pines that have significant decline due to Pitch Canker

·        Redwood Management; Phase out redwoods

·        Replant Understory Pines

·        Removal of small dead pines

·        Plant Live Oaks to create low wind break

·        Thin Cypress to prevent overcrowding

·        Replant Pines and Oaks next to snags

·        Review Blue Gums in SE corner, (formally potted) for weak root systems and structural deficiencies: Remove any that have died

·        Irrigation system management

·        Nectar Bed cleanup

·        Overall Clean Up


City staff will be hosting a walk through of the Monarch Sanctuary on Thursday August 31, 2017 at 10:00 am to discuss the proposed maintenance activities within the sanctuary.