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Black Lives Matter Statement

June 23, 2020

Black Lives Matter Statement

The killing of George Floyd by a police officer was a senseless tragedy that should never have happened. His death and subsequent protests and riots have been a national wake-up call. Institutional and systemic racism continues to exist even now,more than 50 years after the Civil Rights Act. It is time for permanent change to eliminate systemic mistreatment of blacks in our justice system. Black lives matter.

We stand against racism, bigotry, violence, and discrimination. We stand for equality, respect, fairness, nondiscrimination, dignity, and equal treatment under the law. We will ensure city government serves everyone in this manner. As public servants, it is our moral and ethical responsibility to do so. We have high confidence in the professionalism of city staff and their dedication to serving the community with the highest ethical standards.

In closing, we are committed to continuing and expanding policies and practices that promote racial equality and nondiscrimination. We will act to foster a culture of mutual respect and understanding that affords equal treatment to everyone.

Mayor and City Council