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Pension Information

Pension Information

CalPERS Valuation Reports as of June 30, 2017

Classic Miscellaneous Employees 

Classic Safety Employees

PEPRA Miscellaneous Employees 

PEPRA Safety Employees


Other Useful Pension Information

The Five Year Forecast shows the Pension Obligation Bond payment (debt amounts) for the next five years. The forecast also shows the annual payments to CalPERS for unfunded liability for the same periods.

Page 5 of the FY 2016-17 Adopted Budget shows the City's total long-term debt including the Pension Obligation Bonds. 

Page 73 of the Independent Audit FY Ending June 30, 2016 shows the City's proportionate share of net pension liability in the pooled funds for Miscellaneous and Safety employees reported for GASB 68 purposes.
Council Member Peake prepared a primer on CalPERS pension financing that includes 10 years of data and provides many explanations as to how CalPERS works. 
The Pension Ad-Hoc Committee (Kampe, Peake, Fischer) also submitted a report on CalPERS on February 21, 2016. Page 1 of Attachment 2, is a letter from CalPERS stating the accrued liabilities.