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Garage Sale Permit

Garage Sale Permit

Selling Your Stuff

Garage Sale sign The sale of personal property in residential areas is regulated by provisions of Section 11.10 of the Pacific Grove Municipal Code. One of the conditions is that sellers will obtain a permit from the City in advance of the sale. The location to obtain the required permit is the reception counter of City Hall. The process includes filling out an application that indicates the time and date for sales and payment of a fee for the permit.

The regulations contain limitations on the hours of sale, size and location of signs to advertise the sale, and the frequency of sales at a given location. These rules are provided to applicants when they are issued a permit. Any violation of the rules may result in the issuance of a citation and/or the closing of the sale.

The fee for a permit is $10.00, paid at the time the permit is issued. Completed applications are forwarded from the Administrative Services Department to the Police Department, so that they are notified of the time and location of sales.

Garage Sale Permit Application