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City Council Values, Vision, Mission, Goals & Strategies

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  1. Accountability
  2. Transparency
  3. Honesty
  4. Integrity
  5. Respect
  6. Diversity
  7. Inclusiveness
  8. Responsibility
  9. Constructive Dialogue
  10. Community Involvement
  11. Resource Stewardship
  12. Continuous Learning and Improvement

Vision Statement:

An iconic seaside community that protects historic resources, promotes sustainable development and ensures respect for the environment.

Mission Statement:

Provide high quality and professional public services that address community needs while enhancing the quality of life.

Goals and corresponding strategies:

  1. Financial Sustainability: Maintain fiscal sustainability through prudent financial plans that balance anticipated revenue with long-term needs.
    1. Ensure services and staffing reflect and anticipate requisite resources
    2. Adopt a revised Master Fee Schedule that better reflects the City’s true cost for services
    3. Conduct a comprehensive contract and lease review, and implement corresponding best practice improvements
  2. Infrastructure: Continue to build and improve the infrastructure needed to match existing and anticipated needs.
    1. Address safety concerns
    2. Improve City walkability
    3. Ease traffic
    4. Commission a comprehensive streets and sidewalk needs assessment with corresponding improvements schedule
    5. Develop and implement a comprehensive Recreation Trail and Ocean View maintenance and beautification plan
    6. Improve the speed, availability and delivery of internet service
  3. Placemaking: Support a dynamic and robust local economy through the development and adoption of an economic development strategy centered on the concept of “placemaking”.
    1. Implement findings from the adopted Highway 68 Study
    2. Review existing City entry signs and recommend enhancements
    3. Improve appearance, accessibility and integration of Lover’s Point, including the implementation of the proposed Julia Platt Plaza
    4. Upgrade Jewell Park
    5. Create and implement an “adopt a park” program
    6. Review and revise the existing outdoor dining program
  4. Cultural Heritage: Safeguard the cultural heritage of the community through effective programs, education and policymaking.
    1. Implement the Library Renewal Project
    2. Implement the proposed Historic Preservation Ordinance Zoning Changes
    3. Commission a historical survey
    4. Establish and implement a revised Poetry Program
  5. Environment: Preserve the community’s unique natural assets and resources through appropriate environmental stewardship.
    1. Adopt the Local Coastal Plan
      1. Consider a Coastal Parks Plan Update
    2. Create a storm water plan
    3. Update the sewer master plan
    4. Consider the forthcoming MRWPCA pump station relocation proposal
    5. Add electric vehicles to the City fleet
    6. Create a composting program
    7. Create a public tree stewardship plan that addresses both potential hazard trees and private property evaluations
  6. Revitalize Downtown: Stimulate business within the City’s historic downtown while preserving its unique “small-town” charm and feel.
    1. Adopt best practices, create systems and improve processes to better shepherd proposed major projects
    2. Propose a property-based improvement district
    3. Create and adopt a façade improvement program
  7. Neighborhoods: Work in partnership with community stakeholders to achieve safe and dynamic neighborhoods.
    1. Revitalize the neighborhood watch program
    2. Review and update the short-term vacation rental program
    3. Consider establishing neighborhood “seeding” programs
  8. Operational Excellence: Strive to update, improve and professionalize all City services to better serve the community, ensure best practices and retain/recruit the best people for the long-term health of the municipal organization.
    1. Implement a work-place safety program
    2. Finalize negotiations and adopt new contracts with employee associations
    3. Pursue Police Department accreditation effort
    4. Update/improve/enhance City personnel systems, policies, procedures and practices
  9. Recreation: Enhance recreational opportunities in the City to create a healthy, vibrant community.
    1. Perform a recreation assessment to determine the recreational needs/wants of the community
  10. Housing: Support the maintenance of our existing housing and additional affordable housing.