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Traffic Safety Commission

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The Traffic Safety Commission consists of seven members appointed to staggered terms of two years. The Commission was created by ordinance to suggest the most practicable means for coordinating the activities of all officers and agencies of the City having authority with respect to the administration or enforcement of traffic regulations.

The Commission receives complaints having to do with traffic matters, and recommends to the Council ways and means for improving traffic conditions and the administration and enforcement of traffic regulations. The Commission reviews and makes recommendations to the City Council regarding bicycle and pedestrian facilities within the City.


Agendas are typically posted 72 hours prior to each meeting. Minutes are posted after they are approved. Agendas and minutes will be accessible on the website for approximately 24 months.

December 24 Regular Meeting
November 26 Regular Meeting
October 22 Regular Meeting Agenda
September 24 Regular Meeting Agenda
August 27 Regular Meeting Agenda
July 23 Regular Meeting Agenda
June 25 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
May 28 Regular Meeting Agenda
April 23 Regular Meeting Cancelled
March 26 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
February 26 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes
January 22 Regular Meeting Agenda Minutes