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How are projects selected and prioritized?

How are projects selected and prioritized?

Each project proposal is reviewed from a variety of approaches before it is included in the CIP. Projects included in the CIP are identified by department staff based upon:

  • Input from the community received during the year;
  • Input from the Council on needs that develop or are identified during the year; and
  • Staff-identified projects based on critical needs, including those due to safety issues or to comply with new mandates.

All CIP projects are reviewed first by the appropriate operating departments/programs. Projects are prioritized and presented for funding based upon the level of funding estimated to be available for the coming fiscal year and subsequent fiscal years.

Under the direction of the City Manager, the Public Works Department and the Department of Finance review the proposed projects and prepare the CIP for submittal to the Council. The proposed CIP is then presented, discussed, and acted upon by the City Council in public sessions during the budget hearings. Members of the community can comment on the proposed CIP and provide input to the Council during the hearing process. The Council can provide staff with changes to the proposed CIP and then adopt the final CIP and Operating Budget in June.