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How are Capital Improvement Projects funded?

How are Capital Improvement Projects funded?

Capital Improvement projects are funded from various sources. Funding details for each specific project can be found in the City's annual budget, located on the Finance page, and the project information sheets linked below.

CIP project funding sources include:
● General Fund
● Sewer Fund
● Regional Surface Transportation Program (RSTP)
● Cemetery Fund
● Buildings and Grounds Fund
● Reiko Koo Fund
● Bertha Strong Trust
● PEG Fund
● Civic Center Fund
● Point Pinos Lighthouse Fund
● Library Fund
● Measure X
● Grants
● Loans

Annually, City Staff updates the CIP project list. Projects are prioritized and presented for funding based upon the level of available funding estimated for the coming fiscal year and subsequent fiscal years. Once the CIP project list is reviewed and approved by City Council, it is becomes a component of the City's Annual Budget.

In addition to the operating budget, the CIP budget is one of the primary components of the annual budget.