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The Pacific Grove Police Department is a professional organization dedicated to promoting a high quality of life, enhancing public safety, and reducing crime.

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Crime Reports and Crime Map

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The Pacific Grove Police Department has partnered with PublicEngines™ to provide real-time local crime data. If you have information regarding any crime in Pacific Grove, please contact the Pacific Grove Police Department at (831) 648-3143.

Police Services

LiveScan fingerprinting is available by appointment only at:

Pacific Grove Police Department
580 Pine Avenue, Pacific Grove, CA 93950

Appointments are scheduled on Wednesdays between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm. Please contact the Records Division for an appointment at (831) 648-3143. The rolling fee for LiveScan is $22, in addition to any fees established by the Department of Justice (DOJ). Please bring a photo ID and a completed form with the billing number and ORI number to your scheduled appointment time.

Other locations in the area that provide LiveScan fingerprint services are listed by the California Department of Justice.

If you are the victim of a crime or involved in an accident, you may obtain a copy of that report. If you are charged with a crime, a copy can be obtained through the Monterey County District Attorney's office. Reports released by the Pacific Grove Police Department are $10.00.

Police Report Request Form

Persons requesting a Police Clearance Letter must be physically identified by comparing them to their photo identification. Clearance letters are $22 with no record on file and $34 with a record. More information is available here. Contact (831) 648-3143 with any questions.

Clearance Letter Request Form

Alarm Permit Application

Pursuant to Pacific Grove Municipal Code (PGMC) Chapter 11.62 Alarm Systems “No person, owner, agent, alarm company or alarm company agent shall install or cause to be installed, use, maintain, or possess an alarm system at any residence or on any business premises or building within the city of Pacific Grove without having obtained an alarm user’s permit from the chief of police in accordance with this section.”

In addition, the City will assess fees for false alarm response calls made by the Pacific Grove Police Department. For questions related to Alarm Permits or False Alarm Fees, please contact PST Hunt at or call (831) 648-3143.

Amplified Sound Permit Application

Pursuant to PGMC Chapter 11.94 Sound Amplification Regulations “Any person may apply to the city manager for a permit to operate a sound-amplification device, which may be audible beyond the boundaries of the public or private property at which operated, by application made prior to operation.”

Animal Keeping Permit

An animal keeping permit must be submitted and approved when requesting to home in excess of 3 dogs and/or 3 cats, and any combination there of. In addition, an animal keeping permit must be approved for chickens, bees, and other animals not considered “pocket pets” (lizards, guinea pigs, etc.). For clarification, contact Code Compliance at (831) 648-3199 or refer to PGMC Chapter 10.08 Keeping of Animals and Fowl.

Bicycle Registration Form

Registering your bicycle is a free community service and helps Police personnel reconnect found bikes with their owners.

Close Patrol Request Form

When leaving out of town for an extended period of time, submit the Close Patrol Request Form to the Police Department. This form will prompt Patrol to conduct periodic drive-bys, as time allows, and will ensure your contact information should something occur at your residence. 

Dog Licenses

For information on dog licenses, visit the Animals page.

Garage Sale Permit Application

See PGMC Chapter 11.10 Garage Sales. Cost is only $5 for processing.

Massage permits are required for both businesses and technicians. Refer to PGMC Chapter 7.06 Massage Therapy and Massage Businesses or Establishments

Motion Picture or Still Photography Productions Permit

The City of Pacific Grove is set on a stunning coastline featuring beautiful beaches, a quaint downtown area, Victorian architecture, pine forests, monarch butterflies, and so much more! The BBC has named Pacific Grove one of America’s Best Little Beach Towns and CNN Best U.S. Seaside Escape on the west coast!

More information is available with the form. Contact Cmdr. Rory Lakind at (831) 648-3151 to set-up either motion picture or still photography productions.

Parking Permits

POD or Refuse Container Permit Application

Pursuant to PGMC Chapter 15.40 Refuse and Storage Containers on City Streets “No person shall cause or allow a large refuse container or storage container to be placed on any city street, roadway or alley without first obtaining a permit from the city.”

Approved permits are valid for 7 days. Extensions must be requested through the police department and will be valid for an additional 7 days. No applicant shall be granted more than 2 permits in a 12 month period.

Solicitor/Peddler Permit Application

Contact the Police Department at (831) 648-3143 to find out how to submit a Solicitor/Peddler Permit Application.

Special Event Application

Contact (831) 648-3143 to Report an Abandoned Vehicle or Other Parking Nuisance.

Pacific Grove Municipal Code 9.40.090 “Any peace officer may remove a vehicle located within the territorial limits in which the officer or vehicle abatement officer may act, when any vehicle is abandoned, parked, or left standing upon a highway for 72 or more consecutive hours.” (Authority: Vehicle Code Section 22651(k).) [Ord. 1880 N.S. § 2, 1993].

Police personnel will monitor movement, place a notice on the windshield, and/or attempt to contact the registered owner of identified vehicles. If you will be gone for an extended period of time, please park your vehicle on private property, have someone periodically move your vehicle, or contact the Pacific Grove Police Department at (831) 648-3143.

More information about the City's parking program is available here.

To report lost property, please contact (831) 648-3143 or come to the Pacific Grove Police Department at 580 Pine Avenue to file a report. Be sure to bring serial numbers, make, model, or other unique identifying information that will help the police department in reconnecting you with the property.

To bring in found property, please drop it off at the Pacific Grove Police Department at 580 Pine Avenue.

To claim or pick-up your property, please schedule an appointment with PST Basanese at or (831) 648-3143.

Join the Team

There are countless ways you can serve the Pacific Grove Police Department.

To View Current Police Officer, Police Recruit, Police Reserve, and Civilian Positions go to

Interested in attending the Citizen’s Police Academy? Contact: Cmdr. Rory Lakind at (831) 648-3143.

Interested in volunteering with the Pacific Grove Police Department? Contact: Mgr. Jocelyn Francis at (831) 648-3143.