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**The City's Finance Department will be closed from 12noon to 5pm on Thursday June 30, 2016 for year end close.  The Finance Department will re-open at 8am on Friday July 1, 2016.**


The Finance Department is responsible for the stewardship of the City’s resources. The Department provides policy analyses, recommendations, and financial information to the City Council and departments.

The Finance Department’s core functions include:

  • Accounting for the City’s resources and disclosure of the City’s financial condition in the year-end comprehensive annual financial report and independent audit.
  • Preparing and monitoring the annual operating budget and revenue forecast.
  • Providing accounts payable and payroll services.
  • Managing the City’s debt, investment, and banking affairs.
  • Risk Management

Budget and Accounting

City of Pacific Grove Fiscal Health Evaluation Report February 14, 2014

Annual Reports

The City of Pacific Grove Charter requires a report of the transactions and accounts of all officers or employees having the collection, deposit, custody or disbursement of public money or property, or the power to approve, allow or audit demands on the treasury. The City employs an independent audit firm to conduct an audit and report its findings in an annual basis. The documents below are copies of the document received by the council every year. 

Finance Forms & Permits

Finance Department forms and permit applications are listed for download or online submission to the right. For more information about forms and requirements click on the links below or visit the Animals or Business Licenses page. Short-Term Rental Program information and forms have moved to the Community and Economic Development Department Short-Term Rental Program page.

Banner Displays

The Banner Display Request Form is to be completed when requesting the temporary installation of banner(s) within Pacific Grove City Limits. This form must comply with the regulations listed on the form, and must be submitted within thirty (30) days prior to the first day of display.

Banner Display Request Form

Selling Your Stuff

Garage Sale signThe sale of personal property in residential areas is regulated by provisions of Section 11.10 of the Pacific Grove Municipal Code. One of the conditions is that sellers will obtain a permit from the City in advance of the sale. The location to obtain the required permit is the reception counter of City Hall. The process includes filling out an application that indicates the time and date for sales and payment of a fee for the permit.

The regulations contain limitations on the hours of sale, size and location of signs to advertise the sale, and the frequency of sales at a given location. These rules are provided to applicants when they are issued a permit. Any violation of the rules may result in the issuance of a citation and/or the closing of the sale.

The fee for a permit is $6.00, paid at the time the permit is issued. Completed applications are forwarded from the Administrative Services Department to the Police Department, so that they are notified of the time and location of sales.

Garage Sale Permit Application