Museum Board

The Museum Board consists of five members appointed to staggered terms of four years. The Board was created by the City Charter to serve in an advisory capacity to the Council and City Manager in all matters pertaining to the operation of the public museum. The Board's powers and duties include recommending to the City Council the adoption of such laws, rules, and regulations as it may deem necessary for the administration and protection of the City Museum. The Board also performs such other duties relating to the museum services as the Council may require by ordinance or resolution.


Agendas are typically posted 72 hours prior to each meeting. Minutes are posted after they are approved. Agendas and minutes will be accessible on the website for approximately 24 months.

The links found in some agenda documents have been updated for the new website. If you find any links that don't work, please let us know. Include the Board or Commission name and meeting date in your message. Thank you!