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The Commission is charged with improving the City's business and economic environment by providing the framework for developing and maintaining a viable business community within the City of Pacific Grove that serves the needs of both residents and visitors alike, while providing the tax base upon which our City government depends to fund its programs, services, infrastructure, and public facilities.

The Commission consists of ten members, selected for their business knowledge and interest in economic development issues and shall be representatives of the following business districts: Downtown (1), Sunset (1), Foresthill (1) and Central Avenue (1); the following sectors: commercial property owner (1), general business owner (2) and citizen at-large (2). Additionally, the President of the Pacific Grove Chamber of Commerce shall fill one (1) position. In the event a suitable candidate from a specific district or business sector is not identified, the City Council may select a general business owner or manager to fill that position.

Local Economic Advisory Program (LEAP)

EDC's Annual Strategic Work Plan 2016-17

Pacific Grove Business Walk 2016

EDC Mid Year Status Report

EDC's Annual Strategic Work Plan 2015-16

EDC City Business Walk 2015


Agendas are typically posted 72 hours prior to each meeting. Minutes are posted after they are approved. Agendas and minutes will be accessible on the website for approximately 24 months.
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November 9 Regular Meeting
October 12 Regular Meeting
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July 13 Regular Meeting
June 8 Regular Meeting Agenda Packet
May 11 Regular Meeting Agenda
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